Treason Gallery is pleased to present its March solo exhibition, Devin Liston: FLESHY PROJECTORS AND THE POLTERGEIST FLAVORED ALGORITHM SOUP. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, March 2nd from 6pm-9pm during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square and the exhibition will be open to the public Thursday - Saturday from Noon to 6 PM until Saturday, April 1. 

Artist Devin Liston, known from the past as half of the duo DevNGosha and a founding member of artist collective Cyrcle, moves into his third chapter as a solo artist. Most recently, Liston created a unique exhibition in Reykjavik, Iceland sponsored by tech mogul Oliver Luckett. Liston created a show in tribute to and in celebration of one of Iceland’s most renowned artists, Birgir Andresson, titled “Symphonies For The Hard of Hearing”. Liston re-imagined and recreated visual works from Andresson’s iconic text-based paintings. “Symphonies For The Hard of Hearing” was one of Iceland’s most celebrated art events of last year.

Switching gears, Liston worked tirelessly over the last five months in his studio in Pioneer Square on his newest series. Liston’s current series consists of an eclectic clash of abstract line work and choppy yet detailed portraiture. Describing his new works “as an intuitive reaction to uncertainty towards the direction of where we are going as a species”, Liston’s works hold an eerie notion of the spontaneity of life as we know it. Using bold lines and frame work, he exemplifies the impact of technology’s influence on spirituality and the human sciences. Liston shares his exploration regarding the idea that technology appears to have shifted towards a position of control of humanity, forcing humans to acclimate or get out of the way of its rapid endless advancement.

Liston’s new works range from small works on wood panels to large canvas with mixture of oil paint, collage, and spray paint. Using repetitive framing lines, Liston forces his viewers to focus on the center of the works as the outward projectors. Focusing on the concept of technological singularity as his main motivation of this series, Liston’s paintings are clearly emotionally charged while simultaneously focused. At first glance, the works appear erratic, but after closer examination the viewer begins to translate the complex language that resonates with Liston’s work.