Treason Gallery is pleased to announce its June solo exhibition, Drew Merritt 'SLAYING FLIES'.
Opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 1st from 6pm-9pm during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.


Drew Merritt presents his newest series 'SLAYING FLIES' consisting exclusively of works on paper. Ranging in sizes and mediums, 'SLAYING FLIES' will highlight Merritt’s range of precise execution of portraiture and figurative work. Utilizing his iconic use of negative space, Merritt removes elements of his subjects while simultaneously painting meticulous, detailed compositions.

Referencing William Golding’s celebrated novel “Lord of the Flies”, Merritt describes his newest series as “a discussion of human impulses, and the correlation of society’s organization within itself”. By removing the atmospheres and aspects of the compositions themselves, Merritt removes the social statures and ultimately the positioning of his subjects in relation to their environmental placement. Using mixed palettes and the negative white space, the viewer’s interaction becomes both intimate and unique.

Merritt’s mural work is celebrated internationally, known mainly for his large format figurative works. Merritt’s public works are no stranger to the city of Seattle as well. Last August, Merritt participated in Seattle’s own mural projects SODO Track and The Belltown Corridor. The first mural was commissioned by King County’s own 4 Culture for the debut of the SODO Track mural project last summer. Merritt painted a twenty foot tall by forty foot wide female subject overlooking Sodo’s light rail track. Celebrated as Seattle’s first project of this scale, SODO Track plans to host fifty artists over the next two years, transforming the walls surrounding the SODO light rail track. 



The second mural was painted for Seattle’s newest mural project “The Belltown Corridor” in the downtown neighborhood of Belltown on the backside of soon to open Jupiter Bar. The Belltown Corridor began as a collaborative effort between Treason Gallery and local artist Joe Nix, with an emphasis on highlighting out of town artists in Seattle’s downtown public domain. Bringing in artists from around the globe, The Belltown Corridor seeks to be an engaging destination that breathes life into an often forgotten alleyway.

 WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation for the Belltown Corridor Mural Project in Seattle, WA. 2016



Whether it is detailed figurative works on paper or large format murals, Merritt’s works are sure to captivate all who come in contact with his work.
'SLAYING FLIES', is Merritt’s first solo exhibition in the Pacific Northwest.

Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, June 1st from 6pm-9pm at TREASON Gallery located in Pioneer Square.