Seattle, WA - Treason Gallery is pleased to announce its October group exhibition, COMPENDIUM. Opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 5th from 6pm-9pm during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.

Treason Gallery_Compendium_IG

COMPENDIUM is an exploration of the contemporary abstract movement post graffiti. Utilizing blends of color, line work, and space as subjects, each artist’s unique approach to their work is weighted in the individualism and self-determination that graffiti culture fosters. Graffiti, although generally frowned upon, has provided an outlet for the exploration of the individual’s expression. Cultivating a sense of self and independence, the once vandal evolves into something appreciated and sought after. Honing their skill set in often times illegal environments, these artists quickly expanded on their abilities to convey emotions through gestural abstracted imagery.


Mad C - Derek Bruno - Florence Blanchard - Remi Rough - Seikon - Clark Goolsby - Allison Renshaw - Sen2 - Augustine Kofie - Monci - Zest - Jason Woodside - Vizie - Jeremy Brown -Demsky - Sean Barton - ThankYouX - Stash - Sliks

COMPENDIUM’s roster highlights an eclectic blend of local, national and international artists all communicating through the visual language known as abstract art. Ranging in sizes and disciplines, COMPENDIUM seeks to be a well rounded perspective of the contemporary abstract artist. Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, October 5th from 6pm-9pm at TREASON Gallery located in Pioneer Square, 319 3RD AVE S, Seattle, WA 98104.