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Seattle, WA - Treason Gallery is pleased to announce its July solo exhibition, Zach Rockstad 'IMPRESSIONS'.
Opening reception will be held on Thursday, July 6th from 6pm-9pm during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square.

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Emerging Seattle artist Zach Rockstad is nothing short of gifted. Whether through classically executed oil paintings, or his identifiable and rousing illustrations, Rockstad’s artistic voice is clear and poignant. His newest body of work, 'IMPRESSIONS', is an in-depth look into the narrative of coming of age in the Pacific Northwest.  

IMPRESSIONS is described by the artist as compilation of his experiences in childhood and adolescence that have shaped him into the individual he is today. Rockstad uses familiar scenes from the environments of his youth and adulthood, as well as images from popular culture, to depict a narrative that brings to question the role of the Pacific Northwest on the development of the human condition. 

 'IMPRESSIONS' is a mixture of landscapes, portraiture, still-lifes, and sculpture.

Pushing the envelope of contemporary sculpture, Rockstad uses an arranged collection of bibles to shed light on the effects of a religious upbringing on his conscious and everyday life.

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IMPRESSIONS will also showcase a mixture of illustrations done by Rockstad under the moniker “Sex Appeal." Sex Appeal’s illustrations are not only witty and humorous but also political and charged. Using these illustrations to voice statements that are often times avoided by the public all together, Rockstad says what other’s don’t want to. IMPRESSIONS is sure to be an attractive and honest look into the complex yet insightful perspective of this emerging artist. 

Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, July 6th from 6pm-9pm at
TREASON Gallery located in Pioneer Square, 319 3RD AVE S, Seattle, WA 98104.