WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation for Treason Gallery, Street Value. Seattle, WA 2016
 WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation for Treason Gallery, Street Value. Seattle, WA 2016



Mixed media on wood
Size: 23” diameter x 1” 

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TRAP | Queens, NY

Ikonik Figure also known as Trap IF, is a Queens native and New York based graffiti writer, installation artist and designer. With over 35 years of work as an artist, Ikon- ik Figure currently maintains both a studio and commercial practice in addition to active participation in street level and community-based work. Aligned with graffiti traditionalists and driven by a commitment to social justice, he has maintained an anonymous persona as an artist throughout his career. His masked persona takes inspiration from superheroes and enables Ikonik Figure to work from a point of spontaneous honesty in response to issues such as property rights, classism and inequality, which are central to his work. Similar to the historical position of graffiti as an inhabitor of the blurred boundary between illegal and legal artmaking, Ikonik Figure is interested in the exploration of the ambiguous space that graffiti now occupies as both an outsider art form and a legitimate player in the contemporary art world.

Ikonik Figure’s graffiti and installation work have appeared in galleries and muse- ums including: the National Museum of Hip-Hop, Outlaw Arts, Succulent Studios, Urban Folk Art Gallery, and NYst Gallery among others. Commissioned murals for locations in the New York area include Welling Court in Astoria, Queens and The Rockaways Wall in Rockaway Beach, Queens, as well as youth graffiti education work with HI-ARTS, a non-profit arts organization located in Harlem, New York. He is also currently two years and twelve states into a coast-to-coast blockbuster tour of independent street level/ wall work that lays claim to blazing his TRAP nomen- clature across the United States.

Most recently, Ikonik Figure’s design work has evolved into an installation practice as a Window Display Designer for luxury clients; Dior, Chanel, and Coach to

name a few. Prior to this, his designs have been featured on skateboards, t-shirts, objects and in several zines. Ikonik Figure’s artwork has also been featured in a variety of publications including Vice, Juxtapoz and Mass Appeal; he has also been featured in, ANIMAL, and 12ozProphet. Ikonik Figure’s upcoming projects include an exhibit of his most recent work in February at Outlaw Arts Gallery and he will also be featured in a book released in the summer entitled 2Create.