Jade Rivera | Atrapasueños

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Jade Rivera | Atrapasueños


Atrapasueños (2015)
Oil on canvas
Size: 43”x 35.5”x 1” 

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Jade Rivera | Lima, Peru

Jade Rivera was born in Junin, Peru in 1983. At seven months old his mother migrated to Lima. Rivera grew up in the district of Chorrillos, attended a national school and there his curiosity was piqued by art, when I was eleven. Poor teaching their school and their growing interest in art motivated him to devote more time to drawing and painting. At seventeen he studied at the Pre National School of Fine Arts, but decided to apply for the last time, developing his work empirically. Rivera has directed his work as a self-taught since 1997.

Rivera has been recognized for his large format mu- rals and also by their thumbnails in different parts of the world. Along with his work as an urban artist, Jade spends much of his time working in the studio exploring more traditional techniques such as oil and watercolor.