Mike Wagner currently makes his home in Seattle, WA and operates out of a studio in Seward Park. A lover of riparian entertainments and a genuine follower of his own trends, Wagner paints to expose. Through brush strokes and carefully curated subject matter, Wagner brings the attention to the faces of the forgotten, disfigured, beautiful and unobtainable, while exposing us to both their weaknesses and our very own. A painter of true honesty. 'GIFT' was Wagner’s long awaited return since his last gallery exhibition in 2010. Wagner’s last show “Searching For Satori” received soaring reviews and reception. With an emphasis on self, GIFT is a play on the German word, meaning poison. Wagner explores the idea of his “gift” for the arts being a toxic relationship manifesting in himself and the world around him. Using a mixture of self-portraits, drawings and large format oil paintings, Wagner invited his viewers to empathize with his conflicts, with himself and his surroundings. His works included his powerful use of white and purple to display overwhelming feelings of fear and sorrow as well as smearing of his paints symbolizing frustrations and resentments with the world around him. 

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