JOE NIX | Seattle, WA

Over the years Joe Nix has become one of Seattle's most celebrated muralists. Working on a number of corporate commissions, Nix is responsible for some the most iconic walls around town. Whether it is historical imagery on the side of Brass Tacks, or the favored portrait of Patrick Swayze in Fremont's Addabal, Nix's art is admired by all.

Working on an entirely new body of work, COMMON GROUND is a mixture of large format free-hand spray paintings, oil paintings and abstract works. Nix started with photographs of subjects he shot locally, looking to capture the everyday faces of Seattle. Nix translates this into five large photo realist portraits on recreated fencing, imitating terrain, while simultaneously showcasing the beauty and individuality of each subject he photographed. Nix has also created micro-portraits in the same format as his larger pieces, never the less carrying equal weight only this time using oil paint as a medium. Lastly, Nix will also be using his drop cloths from over ten years as a career public artist. Stretching the drop cloths like canvas, he calls to question the beauty of the random splatter and the relationship of spontaneous interaction as art itself.


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