James Franco | Fat Squirrel

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James Franco_Fat Squirrel-1.jpg
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James Franco | Fat Squirrel


James Franco | Fat Squirrel

Archival Pigment on
Cold Press Natural Paper
Size: 11 x 14 inches  

*Limited Edition/ 100
**Includes Certificate of Authenticity with artist signature 

Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing the print order. 
For rush orders please contact alex@treasongallery.com

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We project ourselves onto the world, humans see themselves in everything. The fat animals are us. In this sedentary age where we spend half our lives in virtual worlds, and Trump can win a nomination from empty hype and snark, we are all unnatural. Animals aren't meant to be fat, their Eco systems should keep them at their natural sizes, the same with humans, but we long ago subverted the natural laws of hunting and gathering and can eat as many sugars and salts as we want from any street corner with a McDonalds. But we've corrupted the animals too. If we're not wiping them off the planet by destroying their habitats, we're using them for our own needs. I too am a fat animal.