Erica Elan Ciganek is a visual artist currently living and working in LA. She graduated in 2013 from North Park University with a BA in both Art and Conflict Transformation.  Her work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the US, as well as blogs and publications including Juxtapoz, Hifructose, and Poets/Artists. Notable collections include the Howard Tullman Collection, Temple University Multicultural Center Collection, as well as the Steven Bennett Collection of paintings by female artists.  

Erica Elan Ciganek’s work exists in the context of a society that garners power through the dehumanization of others. Engaging images of people is often done through numerous lenses of seeing that reflect our history, our socialization, the current systems and structures that perpetuate oppression, and our implicit biases.  Ciganek continues to paint mainly portraits in pursuit of seeing, and re-seeing, both in the creation process of the pieces, as well as observing the outcome. With her portraits, she focuses intimately on the intersection of women and the significance of encountering one another. Her process of creating is done in hopeful, clumsy defiance of a culture of rampant dehumanization. 

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