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Treason Gallery is pleased to announce its April solo exhibition, Duffyleg 'PURE AMERICAN'.


Duffyleg, known widely in Seattle as the third counterpart in celebrated local art centric design studio Electric Coffin debuts an entirely new body of work, PURE AMERICAN. Duffyleg’s solo work, deeply rooted in Americana and American motor culture, highlights the richness and pride of American design. Duffyleg’s past series “Fueled Spirit” began his exploration of the use of American “artifacts” as reimagined fine art. Using a collection of vintage Trans Am hoods and other Trans Am parts, Duffyleg played with the idea of “the American phenomenon” through the richness of engineering and endless pursuit of freedom and the American dream. Duffyleg sourced original parts that were often found rusted and where most people would view as scrap metal, Duffyleg saw potential. He breathed new life into them working them back into their intended majestic beauty. Using a mixture of neon, vibrant candied paints and powder coating trade secrets, he created stunning wall hung sculptures out of the hoods. Abstracting the narrative of the firebird logo, Duffyleg’s works were not only striking but captivated all who encountered them regardless if viewers were knowledgable in the rich history of American muscle car culture. 

Duffyleg’s newest series “PURE AMERICAN” is a byproduct of the his previous “Fueled Spirit” series. Continuing to explore the influence of Americana and American motor culture on Pop Culture in his new works. Dufflyeg working exclusively in black and white, is showing a mixture of large format mixed media works on panel, pottery, and sculpture. Duffyleg describes PURE AMERICAN in his own words below. 

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"Pure American" is a collection of work that explores the topics of Americana ideology and the pioneer spirit. The canvases are black on black compositions and the artifacts are an all white palette. By being void of color and distilling down to black and white it allows the pieces to focus on the essence of the narrative. The black compositions don’t have color to distract you from the markings on the canvas and the artifacts are pure white in the effort to push the viewer to focus on the form itself. This is an exercise in distillation of concept as well as addressing our current state of society in America. This collection is meant to engage the viewer at a visceral level (after you strip away all the details that don’t matter) of what it truly means to be “American” or to embrace the “American Spirit”, both of which are based in an ideology of dreamers and pioneers. 



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