DUFFYLEG | Seattle, WA

Patrick “Duffy” De Armas is an artist, maker of things, and creative force majeure. His personal work is a steeped in the influences of American classic car culture, Motorcycles, hot rods, and mid 20th century advertising design.  Anchored by undeniable design principles, his pieces are remarkable and driven by an unharnessed creative soul. The artist makes beautiful mixed-media collages which layer fragments of various designs on top of one another in the pursuit of building a contemporary understanding of a niche cultures and time periods. He is also the entrepreneurial might behind the art based creative firm - Electric Coffin CS Co. and gallery space Piranha shop. Duffy curates and organizes the annual and hugely popular traveling group show Boxes of Death, which all continue to grow beyond the wildest dreams of from where they began.


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