Treason Gallery presents Flavored Water, an exhibtion by Dessie Jackson in Pioneer Square Seattle, WA 2016

Seattle, WA - Treason Gallery is pleased to present its October solo exhibition Dessie Jackson | Flavored Water.

The work will be available at Treason Gallery, Tuesday - Saturday from 12 to 6 PM until Saturday, October 29.

Dessie Jackson | Lancaster, PA

Dessie Jackson is a true example of the evolution of the modern artist. Counterbalancing the influence of a fine art in collaborative efforts between brands such as Vfiles, and The Hundreds. Jackson has simultaneously merged her artistic eye with design and fashion.  Reinventing the markets for recognition her work has been highlighted by the likes of NYLON and Living Fast Magazine. Living and working in the Los Angeles area, Jackson’s newest works clearly emphasize  this young artist’s experiences.

Touching on the battle between purity and and artificiality, “Flavored Water" sheds light on the struggle between needs and desires. Dancing around the concept of “flavoring” or "adding to” and its relationship to blurring the understanding of our basic needs in life. Jackson explores the function of this misconception in everyday life. Producing eleven mixed media paintings, this new body of work walks the line between a feminist narrative and the superficial predisposition to contrived beauty. 

Images by Danielle Parsons & Video from Dom Ferris