WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation | Enjoy Denial for the Bellltown Corridor Mural Project in Seattle, WA. Curated by Treason Gallery & Joe Nix 2016

DENIAL | Windsor, Canada 

DENIAL is a Canadian artist whose work critiques consumerism and the human condition. Though based in Windsor Ontario, DENIAL spends much of the year traveling and exhibiting throughout Canada and USA, having done solo shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2000 he adopted the moniker ‘DENIAL’ as a means of poking fun at advertising, politics and media messages that contemporary so- ciety is often ‘in denial’ about. Since then he has maintained an on- going global street-campaign of over 500,000 stickers, placards and murals, using the alpha-numeric characters ‘D3N!@L’. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurd-ism, DENIAL also challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his bold and often satirical visual subversions.

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