For the month of August, Treason Gallery is hosting Seattle’s premier street art exhibition. Aiming to showcase some of the most influential artists of the outdoor arena, 'Street Value' will bring attention to those creating who’s expression often lay in public domain. Street art and graffiti have come to define the health of our urban landscapes and the freedom of the individual in the modern world. Seeking to educate and engage its viewers, ‘Street Value’ showcases artists in a gallery setting which opened in tandem with the Seattle Art Fair at the Piranha Shop. 

Treason Gallery Curated Murals_Drew Merritt_Jupiter_Belltown_wiseknave.jpg

In addition to the gallery exhibition, selected ‘Street Value’ participants traveled to Seattle in collaboration with local foundations and artists to engage the public domain by painting curated murals & non commissioned installations in several of the cities neighborhoods including SODO, Pioneer Square, Belltown, & Capitol Hill. In the last two weeks, ‘Street Value’ transformed the public landscape & laid a foundation for a genre of contemporary artists that will be showcasing their work at Treason Gallery in future exhibitions. With over 30 artists from around the globe, working in a variety of mediums and subject matters, ‘Street Value’ succeeded in being the most inclusive and dynamic satellite show surrounding the fair this year. Special thank you to the artists; Denial, Bisco Smith, Drew Merritt, & Joram Roukes. Also Art Primo for supplies, Urban Artworks4 Culture & The SODO Track  Mural Project for conjoined efforts in support of bringing art to the city.  


 WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation for the Treason Gallery curated walls for the Richmark Label Builing on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA 2016. Denial. Brought to you by by Art Primo & Urban Artworks

DENIAL | Windsor, Canada

DENIAL is a Canadian artist whose work critiques consumerism and the human condition. Though based in Windsor Ontario, DENIAL spends much of the year traveling and exhibiting throughout Canada and USA, having done solo shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2000 he adopted the moniker ‘DENIAL’ as a means of poking fun at advertising, politics and media messages that contemporary society is often ‘in denial’ about. Since then he has maintained an on- going global street-campaign of over 500,000 stickers, placards and murals, using the alpha-numeric characters ‘D3N!@L’. Intended as a conceptual means of marketing absurd-ism, DENIAL also challenges traditional notions of graffiti and public art through his bold and often satirical visual subversions.

 LOCATION  | Capitol Hill: 1110 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122


 WISEKNAVE Fine Art Documentation for the Treason Gallery curated walls for the Richmark Label Builing on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA 2016. Bisco Smith. Brought to you by by Art Primo & Urban Artworks

Bisco Smith | Venice, CA

BISCO SMITH (b.1980) is an American contemporary urban artist whose work is characterized as a blend of graffiti deconstruction, abstract gesturalism, action painting, and style writing. His technique involves energetic, expressive brush strokes that reflect the flow of music and translates the consciousness of the moment into painted lyrics and abstract black & white works of art.

Bisco believes that art is energy transmitted through various mediums, and as such, the artist becomes the conduit. He aims to bring a good intention to all his paintings in hopes that the energy will continue to resonate wherever the art lives. His art captures the unseen rhythms of music, the untamed energy of a moment, duality, and good intentions.
Bisco has exhibited art, performed music, painted murals, and partnered with creative brands and live events worldwide. Bisco’s work is regularly exhibited in major markets and is collected by both national and international collectors. Bisco Smith currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 

 LOCATION  | Capitol Hill: 1110 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122


Drew Merritt | Los Angeles, CA

Born on the outskirts of Clovis, New Mexico, Merritt lived and worked on a farm, fostering a deep emotional connection to nature and began his work as an artist. Drew Merritt aspires to earn the title of artist, and he works hard to convey a broad spectrum of feelings. Feelings like Loneliness, vanity, and even contentment. He paves a highway into the emotional world (visually) by creating empathy in the viewer. The use of vivid colors, and his almost graphic style, creates a visual biography around the subject, showing who they are, and where they’ve been. His ever-changing body of work utilizes a vast array of mediums and textures, while putting classic subjects in a contemporary setting. 

 LOCATION  | Belltown: 2124 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121


 LOCATION  | The SODO Track: 1765 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


Joram Roukes | Groningen, Netherlands

Born 1983 in Lelystad and currently working from my studio in Groningen, the Netherlands. I am at the moment pushing a predominantly international artistic career. My oil paintings are reflections on daily life situations in western society, filtered and reassembled in a collage like manner. These works have been shown throughout Europe with shows in Copenhagen and London. 

 LOCATION  | The SODO Track: 1765 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134



 LOCATION  | Belltown: 2124 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121